Client: Max-Planck-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften e.V.

A research question and awareness campaign

Research funds are at jeopardy in Germany! Max Planck, Germany’s largest basic research organization, takes up this challenge and sets out to explaining research and its relevance.

Researching is curiosity. We ask the researchers #wonachsuchstdu. We ask the institutes. We ask the society. Postcards appear in pubs across Germany. Posters. SocialMedia. 82 institutes trigger. More and more questions and answers accumulate on the central website. Bloggers travel to the researchers, search for answers to the questions, introduce the hashtag – a hashtag as colorful as the research. And invite people to the nationwide Max Planck Day. More and more hashtags appear, more and more posts, until the networking Max Planck Day catapults the hashtag #wonachsuchstdu to position#1 on Twitter – great visibility for research and curiosity, and hopefully the future of Germany.

YouTuber – Two famous science Youtube stars activate the communication with the target groups of all 84 institutes in 32 locations – prior to the event and during the event.

online & live – The central web platform gathers questions and gives answers in line with a huge postcard and PR activation.