Space: in front of the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf & Budapest

Sponsor: Stadtsparkasse, Jewish Community, City, County, EU
Year: 2009-2011

A walkable container city – an arts project

3 Years a container city in Germany and Hungary: 16 containers and 35 performers – in front of the Duesseldorfer State-Theater 35 young performers enact their scenes of reality, identity, religion, heritage. During the second year, the scenes were about reality in the internet – and what is the difference between reality and the internet? During the third year, the headquarter in Duesseldorf sent a container city to Budapest, Hungary, in order to discover the status of freedom. All characters (performers) had facebook profiles that extended the show into a year. The container cities were connected via Skype and the audience discovered one world, as well as the other.

Creation of a multi-dimensional experience in which the visitors can interact with space, performers and the internet. Happenings occur simultaneously all over the place: internationally connected via Live-Streamings and Social Media.

Theater: Pig’s Appeal e.V.