Interactive Stadiumshow 2022

Client: R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG
Year: 2022

16.000 employees together for the first time

It was the 100 year anniversary of the R+V. And after a year long sustainability campaign in order to give something back to society, for the first time in history all 16.000 employees of the R+V were invited to come together and celebrate!
In order to do so, R+V, the lead-agency and all partners did their part in creating one large event consisting of: a 450m of Street-food festival, an especially created show, a musical star act and parties in three locations.
Coming together for the first time AND right after Corona was already an experience. But beyond just celebrating, the show was designed to do even more. It was about looking back but even more so, motivating to moving forward together – since we have to and CAN change the future – together.
The show therefore was developed integrating interactively a lot of employees as moderators, storytellers, performers and mass – giving a personal, heartfelt context and moments – and at the same time create a large, strong, innovative, interactive, emotional show.