Sales Conference Part I & II and Product Launch

Client: Daiichi Sankyo Germany GmbH
Year: 2020

DSDE Hybrid – Part I

A hybrid event with 28 outside reporters and a 4 in 1 integrated stage setting. The moderator led through the different thematically split up areas and program points.

The teams followed the presentations in small groups and worked out their input in breakout sessions, which was clustered, processed and edited in the main studio.

An emotional launch of the new drug and intense preparation for Hybrid Part II.

DSDE Hybrid – Part II

In the middle of the first day of Part I, exactly in the didactic preparation for the hybrid event Part II, planned in four broadcasting centers with live audience, the announcement of the “Lockdown Light” drops. Immediately the return channel to the main studio is full of unsettled messages. No panic – after crisis meetings, rescheduling, location finding and team reduction, the training, broadcasting, receiving, hosting and convincing ”what the doctor ordered” ensues. A total of over 700 accounts follow the lectures and interactive panel discussions.


DSDE Design Thinking Sprints

DesignThinking Sprint as a large group event – kicked off a comprehensive innovation process (7 DT Sprints) over half a year. The format was implemented both as a large-scale event and in an Inno-Community in the European organization.