Client: Gemeinnützige Integrationsgesellschaft Kaiserslautern mbH Büro Gartenschau
Year: 2019

An interactive light gardenshow with campaign

The Gartenschau Kaiserslautern was transformed into a communal area, a park, that is dependent on the help of voluntary workers. So instead of just doing a light show for the festival, we design a campaign and an interactive light & audio show, integrating all projects of the park – the skate park, playground, river, willow church, cactuses etc.

The park needs voluntary workers. And it is a park from and for everybody – skater kids, families, lovers, the elderly, national & international. So we needed a campaign giving the helpers a face and activating the others.

Interaction – It’s not just a buzzword. We created an interactive light and sound show within the 22ha, that activated the guests and called out for voluntary workers – online, live, digital and real.

60.000 visitors, 20% more than the year before, enjoyed the 8day show, interacted and left loads of inspiration, images and their addresses in order to help in the future.

Listen to our Audio play:

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