GKN Additive

Client: GKN Sinter Metals Engineering GmbH
Year: 2017

An interactiv Repositioning campaign

GKN produces with metal. But now there are 3D printers that can precisely print small and large things with metal powder. This development caused GKN to form a kind of guerrilla campaign that didn’t know who their customers were, what their market could be, who supported them internally, and who was still a competitor and who was already a network partner.

They needed a narrative, a story – and a clever campaign that they could leverage internally and externally.

In a conversation at the talk@table they could discuss the question, “How do you shape your business?” The table traveled to trade shows, production site openings, to customers. It brought internal employees, customers, network partners, and competitors into conversation, made GKN knowledgeable, looking for conversation, generated content for social media, which in turn could be used to analyze new customers. A simple, recognizable element, a simple, concrete question, a campaign that works internally and externally.