Strategy conference 2016

Year: 2016

Iceland is: It’s people

With the themes of growth and entrepreneurship the members of the Allianz meet Icelanders, discuss, interact and get inspired and transformed.

Find 12 interesting Islanders!

Tommi the Burger-King who brought the Hardrock-Cafe to Island, the Rockstar, who produces vegan sausage, the actor who co-founded WOW Air and president of the islandic Telecom, who revolutionized their TV, the banker, who reacted to the Crash with a savings-app, a star cook, an artist …

We bring them into a discussion with the companies leading figures in the middle of the landscape – so that the themes use the strength of space, gaining relevance and context for reflection, but also slide back into the context of the company via discussion, exhibit and presentation and therefore develop individual visions. With speakers coaching and best practices the strategic themes become reality and get connected with the newly learned.